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Tailored Surveys

Tailored Surveys have been designed for customers who just want a specific area tested, Customers who want to choose this type of survey may not be interested in selling their boat, just simply protecting their investment. Tailored surveys can be anything and prices start from just £60 per hour + traveling expenses.  

Here are just some of the examples of what can be done individually.

Osmosis & Hull Inspections.  Using the latest technology from Sovereign the Quantum Marine Moisture Meter.


Sea Trial Inspections.  Carried by myself and engineer of your choice. The Links & Contacts page has a few Companies to choose from. 


Rigging Inspections. Visit the Links & Contacts page to find a rigging service that suits you.


Engine Inspections. No matter what engine you have there is a engineer that can help. See  Links & Contacts page for a list of engineers.


Electrical Inspections. Old and poorly fitted electronics can cause serious problems with your navigation. So why not have them checked by us.

The list of things to ensure safety and comfort is a long one, but we're here to help.  Visit our Boat Maintenance page where you will find qualified marine Technician.

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