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Steel Boat Surveys

The boat will need to be brought ashore in the slings preferably if it's a yacht so keels can be checked. Once ashore the hull will be visually checked for damage and rust, This followed by hammer sounding. Ultrasonic testing of the entire hull.  The steering gear, stern gear and any sea cocks and sacrificial anodes will be checked for damage and defects. 


A visual inspection will be carried out of the engine(s), and any other installed machinery,  Fuel, Electrical, Water systems, Holding Tanks, Heating and any other domestic installations, or service systems. The cabin superstructure, decks, doors, hatches, windows and port lights etc. are similarly inspected, as are the internal fit out, overall condition of fitted electronics.  Safety equipment is also checked during the inspection.​ These are just some of the things that we check.


A verbal report will be given later on that day.  Within 1 to 2 working days a full report will be emailed and posted.  Reports inform you of any defects found during the survey that may or will need attention prior to your sale. The survey also shows recommendations and suggestions about the works highlighted in the report.

Our state of the art Multi echo ultrasonic testing equipment is the latest one, giving you the most accurate readings possible. This machine allows us to check the boat without removing the paint. We also offer single echo testing which is more effective but requires us to remove the paint to bare steel.

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